Dumptyz is my ongoing, silly, short animations project. More stuff will be added, so come on back and see how stupid this gets!


My wife one day jokingly said "Trumpy Dumpty"referring to U.S. President Trump and his intention to build a border wall between U.S.A. and Mexico. The Humpty Dumpty correlation seemed too full of possibility for me to pass up, crazy artist that I am. So, I felt compelled to create something around that coincidence. Hence, "Trumpty Wall" was born.

Trumpty Wall was a lot of fun to create. I really enjoy creating projects that make people think about pertinent issues while at the same time being entertained. I love these simple characters and now that I've created DUMPTYZ I hope to do more crazy little short animations with these guys (or the others that haven't been born yet). It's exciting to think about what I may come up with next. I have no idea why or even how to make any money doing this...I just know that it makes me laugh and I hope it entertains you as well.

Trumpty presenting his new wall

Trumpty attempting to sneak over his wall

Ricardo Retardo and Ichi Wawa

Federales Beater, Cuffs and Spatch

Trumpty Wall unveilling

Canawall Beaver Blooper

Celly Badegg seducing with Hot Sauce

Director Den Beauvais Dumptied

On the set of "Dumpties"

Trumpty Fired

New Yolker

Trumpty Times

Trumpty Wall Poster

I hope you enjoy my unusual sense of humor. If you find it in your heart to donate a little something....every dollar helps to support my special crazy little projects.

Thank You! - Den Beauvais